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Some people who are new to online marketing think that only the big names in the field can successfully produce digital products. They believe that they need to have an already-established following of buyers who are ready and eager to buy their newest offering.

That is not true. Anyone can create a successful digital product. In fact, some of the well-known “gurus” in marketing launched their careers with their first digital product.

Still, many people are intimidated and not sure about their abilities, so they put off creating a product.

And here’s the big secret: you can make a lot of money by creating digital products. That’s because you not only make money from your sales of the product, but you can also recruit dozens of affiliates to provide even more leads for you to convert. That, of course, leads to even more sales.

Digital products are a great way to start for someone who wants to teach in a specific niche. You don’t need a degree or lots of experience. If you have an idea, then you can be successful.

A digital product can be anything you like. The only requirement is that it must be able to be presented online. It can be:

  1. An e-book
  2. A membership site
  3. A video course
  4. A podcast

It could also be any combination of these items, so choose whatever format feels the most comfortable for you and get started. For example, if your typing is terrible, you might want to start with video.

If English is not your first language, you might want to do an e-book and have an editor look it over before you publish.

Make sure your digital product teaches your readers something they want to know. If you’re into vitamins and supplements, teach them about nutrition. If it’s parenting, you might show them how to find a good daycare.

The important thing is that you give them a solution to a problem they’re having.

If you choose to write about a new trend, be sure to get your digital product out quickly before everyone is writing about it. If the product is seasonal, get it ready well ahead of time so you will be able to recruit affiliates.

Most affiliates like three to four weeks’ notice before you launch your product.  If it’s an evergreen topic, get it out because it will make you lots of money over time.

If you plan carefully, you will be able to release one digital product after another. That is especially true if you launch specific “one-problem, one-solution” products.

Don’t try to cover it all in one product. Instead, break it up into multiple opportunities for sales. Both your readers and your bank account will appreciate that.

Once created, you can sell your digital products on several different platforms. These include:

  1. ClickBank
  2. Udemy
  3. JVZoo
  4. Warrior Plus
  5. A website of your own


After you’ve completed your product, listed it for sale and recruited affiliates, it’s time to start work on your next product.

To be successful, you will need to create a series of products that you can sell to the same targeted buyers over time.