Explode Traffic to Your Website with Webinars

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Before the internet, seminars often were held in hotel ballrooms and other venues that could accommodate large gatherings.

An expert in a specific field would give a presentation that was part educational and part sales pitch. Today, these experts can give their seminars online, sometimes reaching thousands of people at one time.


Webinars are a Powerful Marketing Tool

For most people, their time online is spent checking email, following Facebook and searching for information using Google or another search engine. They don’t own a website, and they don’t have a blog.

This information about people’s online behavior is important because your visitors will see you as an expert just because you own a website. Beyond that, if you host a webinar, people will see you as an expert and leader in your field.

The way people perceive you is important when you are marketing your business. By hosting a webinar that solves a problem for your viewers, you will have established your credentials, and people won’t forget you.

The viewers will return to your website many times to get more information, and because you’ve already qualified them with your webinar, your traffic will be higher and more highly targeted.

Word-of-mouth advertising will grow as more people listen to your webinars and then tell their friends and associates who will, in turn, visit your website as more highly targeted traffic.

Often this traffic is ready to buy because you’ve already established yourself as a real person during your webinar.

Even if you have valuable content on your website along with a lengthy section outlining your qualifications, you still won’t connect with your visitors the way you will when you speak to them through a video or audio webinar.

You will make a personal connection because people can see and hear you. Even if you don’t have the most polished presentation that will just reinforce your humanity to your audience.

Every person watching or listening to your webinar will feel as though you are talking to them in a one-on-one interaction. You will be relevant to these people, and you will get steady streams of traffic on into the future.


Collaborate for Even More Traffic

When you give a webinar, people will sign up for your mailing list, buy your products and get to know and like you. Now imagine how much more traffic you can generate if you partner with another successful marketer. Collaborating with a marketer in your niche will benefit both of you.

When you announce your webinar to your list, your partner will be able to attract new clients, and you will be able to benefit from his or her list as well.

You will be building your brand and positioning yourself as an authority in your field. You will also be driving even more targeted traffic to your website, and your growth will be exponential.


So even if you are reluctant to hold webinars, keep in mind that every time you hold one it gets easier and your business will see a dramatic increase in profitability.