Be the Buzz: The Newest Trends In Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is gradually becoming the primary form of promotion in the majority of businesses.

Several companies have started to change their marketing direction by moving their funds away from traditional advertising and towards digital marketing tools.

As a business owner, you may probably be thinking, what are the possible trends that are coming up in digital marketing?

Brand owners are in a continuous battle for customers’ attention.

The web space, indeed, is saturated with increasing amount of choices. Sadly, this competitive environment means that only the best ones survive while leaving others in the dust.

The power of social media says it all. Present reports show that Facebook still tops the list of web platforms with the most user engagement.

Most social media websites have millions of increase in users year after year. Facebook has an increase of 461 million users in 2017. Imagine how much market can be tapped just by using a single social media platform!

As an entrepreneur, how can we leverage the power of digital media to reach potential customers?

This article gives an overview of the newest digital marketing trends you can adapt to your business. If you are looking for more insights, read further.


1. Virtual Reality Incorporated Into Social Media

Social media won’t be going away soon. In fact, because of its influence, digital marketing will gradually be infused in social media.

An excellent example of this is found in virtual reality (VR) software.

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Perhaps you have seen a Facebook post where showcases a tourist spot in 360-degree view.

Or maybe you have seen a live broadcast of an event, such as a political speech or the super blue blood moon.

These digital media tools can be utilized by businesses to help in their marketing strategy.

Traditional marketing methods usually operate in a linear pattern.

A product or service is present, customers can either like it then buy it, or choose to ignore.

With the use of virtual reality, consumers can now have the choice to interact with your business.

For example, you can give a virtual tour of your establishment in social media.

If you own a software company, you can create interactive trials to help users see how it works.

These are only some of the wonderful possibilities that virtual reality can offer in digital marketing.


2. Targeted Advertisements With A Purpose

Artificial intelligence has brought a lot of things in the market.

Many advertising companies are relying on gathering relevant info from consumers and showing advertisements custom-fit to their demographics.

That is a useful digital marketing tactic as many people do not like being bombarded with irrelevant ads.

Targeted advertising fine-tunes the ad placements for users who are potentially interested in your products or services.

As a result, business owners will waste less money on pointless promotion and get a better return on investment for marketing fees.


3. Getting Insights From Consumer Activity

There is a lot of pertinent information that comes from consumer behavior.

Beginning with users being engaged in an ad copy, looking over products and services, and finally moving on to the checkout page, digital marketers are interested which factors come into play that leads to a sale success.

The latest trends will attempt to dig deeper into learning what insights can create better conversions.

With these digital marketing advancements, business owners can expect more tools for analyzing consumer data in the future.


4. Video Marketing With A Storytelling Touch

Due to decreasing attention spans and increased social media usage, users have become more inclined to seek visual content.

That led to the rise of Youtube, Vine, and other micro-video tools that provide engaging content for consumers.

Illustration of an old style typewriter and a letter which have the words "Everyone Has A Story" typed on it

As much as people hate to admit it, some people are lazy to read.

However, creating a video isn’t all possible without formulating a good script.

That is why video marketing with a storytelling touch is powerful. It’s visual, relatable, and brings an interesting plot to the table.

The difference between high- and low-quality videos is its storytelling content.

Brands that plan to make videos should have their unique voice, which can be visible through video marketing strategies.


5. Custom-Made Web Interface

When people go to malls and restaurants, they often remember how a business failed to meet their needs in a personal way.

This same system can apply to digital marketing.

A lot of users find satisfaction when websites and other digital services can deliver their preferences custom-fit to their needs.

Some examples include e-commerce stores calling people by their first name, giving auto-suggestions of relevant products, and showing a website interface based on what the user prefers.


Businesses can learn a lot just by being on the lookout for the latest trends in digital marketing and applying which ones are beneficial for their growth.

As technological advancements evolve, so are marketing practices continuously developing to reach more potential customers.