Dennis Lonmo



What, why is there a picture of me when this is the about page of

You see, the last few years I have been planning and creating this website visually, I just never got the point where I sat down and made it happen.

Why? Because for the last decade I have run multiple companies and just not had the time. I've been busy creating online businesses for others.

And I have actually created them, from advice to developing their website/webshop, generating leads, posting content, blogging and so on.

After 10+ years of being an entrepreneur in different industries, being involved in startups, collaborating with all kinds of people with a variety of backgrounds, I started to think of ways that I could spread that knowledge to people from all over the world.

When you see the success you create for other people by the product and services you provide for them; you cant help to think that "hm, maybe I'm on to something here".

That's kind of where I am right now; I believe that the experience and knowledge I have been fortunate enough to obtain over the course of these years, is something that could bring tons of value to a lot of people out there.

And the only way that vision can come to life is if everything is as authentic as it can be, and that the information that you obtain on this site, is from my knowledge and experiences.

That's why I created, and that's why it's a picture of me on this page.


Okay, so now you know a little bit more about me, and why that picture is there.

If you're still reading, its probably because you're wondering about what this site is actually about.

If you read the previous section, you know why I created it, but what is the purpose of this site? And what in the world does "Infopreneur" mean?

Well, I'll answer the last question, first. Infopreneur is used to describe a person that provides their knowledge to others in the form of info products. In the past that could be videocassettes, non-fiction books, dvds and other things like that.

Nowadays infopreneurs, like everybody else, has gone digital. Instead of videocassettes and DVD's they now provide the knowledge in the form of online courses.

Instead of regular books, they know publish ebooks.

A good infopreneur sells info products that provide some value to the buyer.

A great infopreneur sells info products that can change peoples lives/businesses for the better.

There is a massive difference in the quality that you get in the information you buy from the two of them. thrives to be the place you can collect that high quality information with the potential to turn your business around.

You will learn how to run successful marketing campaigns, how to plan, package, create, publish and sell online courses, ebooks, programs and how you run successful podcasts.

In short, the resources, products, blog posts, and general information on this website, will teach you how to become a successful Infopreneur.

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