7 Profitable Niches for Infopreneurs

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The growth of the internet has led to an explosion in info products.

It is now possible to learn about virtually any topic, with courses often going into great depth.

For entrepreneurs, the info product market is hugely lucrative, offering the chance to sell the same product repeatedly.

Storage and delivery costs are low so that you can focus heavily on product development, marketing, and customer service.

While many people are attracted to the info product business, it can be challenging to decide which ones to tackle.

Choosing popular niches ensures there will be a high demand if you can create and market quality products. So what are some examples of favourite slots?



Fitness is an evergreen market covering multiple sub-niches.

Some info products focus on a broad training plan, while others are more specific with their targeting.

Focused products might target different age groups, workout styles, and experience of the user.

Fitness plans also come in and out of style, so you can get good results from spotting trends.

While it is possible to promote ebooks, there has been a gradual shift towards video courses that allow people to follow along.



People are growing increasingly conscious of healthy living.

While part of good health relates to the fitness niche, there is also a demand to know about organic food, vitamins, positive thinking, and other aspects of a healthy life.

Within the health niche, various info products promise miracle cures to severe conditions, but you should focus on building a long-term business focused on honesty and integrity.



Relationships are an integral part of life, with a constant flood of potential customers.

The relationship niche can cover dating, relationship maintenance, and problem resolutions.

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Dating guides are popular, offering tips on what to say and do to find a partner.

There is also a substantial number of people looking for help when a relationship has gone wrong.



Pet owners are often eager to seek out advice and training guides to improve their knowledge.

Dog training guides are particularly popular, but you can find info products for cats, fish, ferrets, and many other animals.

While you might struggle to create a series of products, you could sell additional products like food, training tools, and toys.


Online Business

There are numerous opportunities to create training programs for online businesses.

Products range from beginners looking to make money online, through to experienced entrepreneurs aiming to learn an advanced skill.

It can be a good idea to position yourself within a sub-niche, for example in e-commerce, SEO, or social media marketing, and create a range of products with different price points.



The self-help niche is evergreen, and buyers usually invest in many different products.

People interested in this category are looking to improve themselves and their lives, but this can occur in many ways.

Some of the products are more spiritual or abstract, while others teach practical advice about starting a new career or managing time efficiently.



Across the globe, you will find many regulations about providing financial advice, but there is still scope to create info products in this niche.

Personal finance is a popular topic, with people interested in saving money for their future.

Illustration of a savings pig, money and a calculator

Investing is a broad subject that covers a range of possibilities.

Many financial issues are quite complicated, so the ability to simplify the concepts is a valuable one.



There are numerous niches you could focus on, so you don’t need to restrict yourself to whatever is trendy at the moment.

Some markets, however, are too small to allow for substantial growth.

If you cannot find enough students to market your courses to, then you will only reach a limited customer base.

While profitable niches are competitive, the size of the market ensures you have many highly targeted sub-niches.

As you achieve success, you can then broaden your targeting and develop more products that continue to provide value to buyers.