4 Methods for Rapidly Growing Your Email List

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Email marketing is constantly facing claims of being outdated and facing extinction. Many marketers are attracted to new platforms and innovations, wanting to be ahead of the curve. However, according to Mailigen, 89 percent of marketers still use email as their primary lead generation tactic.


When it comes to simplicity, efficiency, and the ability to generate a high ROI, email remains a key component of a successful marketing plan.

Growing your list is still a challenge, so it is important to have a number of methods you can rely on for gaining subscribers. Each of these lead generation techniques are working for numerous businesses who recognize the power of email marketing.


Pay for Traffic

Buying traffic will deliver immediate visitors, allowing you to test your option form and build your list. The key to making paid traffic work is to develop a sales funnel that ensures each visitor will deliver a profit when looked at collectively.

You may not make much income immediately, but the lifetime value of a subscriber should provide a high ROI. Facebook is one of the most popular platforms, offering detailed targeting at reasonable costs.

Google can be used to target specific keywords or niche websites, while Bing can also deliver consistent traffic. If you find your ad spend is providing subscribers at a positive return, consider scaling campaigns across sites like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, BuySellAds, and AdRoll.


Work on Joint Venture Partnerships

A small number of joint ventures can help each party involved grow their lists. Instead of working alone, you can promote each other to your growing lists and encourage subscribers to join these partners.

This method won’t be effective if overused, but for one or two partners you can avoid burning out a list. Many industries have sub-niches that are not directly related, so you can also avoid working with direct competitors.

A simple way to approach this method is to create a free report, podcast, video, or blog post, then each party can recommend it within their autoresponder sequence.


Guest Post on Relevant Sites

Your niche will probably have a number of popular sites that accept guest posts. By contributing a quality article to a blog with a strong readership, it is possible to divert some visitors to a landing page.

A portion of the readers who appreciate your content will want to find out more, so you can benefit from this interest. Creating a bonus for subscribing to the list will help increase the conversion rate.


Connect with Influencers

Influencers are the personalities within your industry that already command a following. These people have influence among the audience you are trying to get, so building a relationship can help you grow your subscriber numbers.

A recommendation from one or more influencers can quickly grow your list, but you need to be able to offer something in return. Initial connections can be formed by writing quality blog comments, communicating via social media, and referencing them in an article.

To increase your success rate, though, you may need to offer an affiliate program that rewards the influencer for subsequent product sales.


Building an email list is a gradual process that can offer consistent results. The more people joining your list, the more data you have to optimize the entire process. Over time, it is possible to improve each area of the funnel, increasing signup rates, open rates, clicks, and sales.

Assuming you are able to target your leads effectively, you can quickly understand the ROI for each new subscriber, making it easier to budget for advertising costs.

Email might not have the allure of a new concept or technique, but countless successful businesses have thrived with email marketing at their core.